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To ensure a fair, transparent, and supportive environment for career progression, we have established a Placement Policy. This policy outlines the principles and procedures that guide a candidate’s placement.

Every Learner is expected to go through the terms of this Policy diligently and follow the instructions carefully.

General Guidelines

No Job Guarantee: At the very outset, please note that while MasterCamp Career Advisory Team (M-CAT) is committed to providing relentless support and resources to all students to ensure successful placement, it must be noted that this does not amount to any “guarantee”, whether direct or implied. In other words, merely completing any program does not assure employment.

Individual Effort: The M-CAT will facilitate the placement procedure. However, the acquisition of employment following program completion is contingent upon participants' individual efforts, skills, qualifications, interview performance, company selection process and external market conditions.

No Minimum CTC Guarantee: While the MasterCamp Careers Team is committed to obtaining the best possible outcomes for all enrolled learners, it does not promise or guarantee a minimum “CTC” to a specific learner or the batch as a whole.

  1. If you are currently employed, it is duly understood that your expected salary compensation will be higher than your existing compensation. While the M-CAT is committed to facilitating relevant roles for your CTC band, such roles are not guaranteed. You must refer to placement reports of the past cohorts to assess whether offers similar to your expectations have been previously obtained.

No Location Guarantee: It is expected that the learners are willing to relocate for their placements. Hence, they must apply to listed opportunities without location or similar conditions or constraints. While M-CAT will attempt to find opportunities in major cities, please note that it will not be able to find opportunities specific to a particular geographic location.

Employer Credibility Checks: While MasterCamp will try its level best to assess the financial credibility of the employers, it does not guarantee any fitness for the work environment or best employer status. It is the Learner’s responsibility to verify further credentials.

Eligibility Criteria

The learner will be eligible to sit for placements after completing the following four criteria:

Full Completion of the Course:

  1. To be eligible for placement services, participants must have completed all the requirements of their enrolled course, as specified in the course curriculum, with minimum attendance.
  2. Some employers may have specific prerequisites or requirements for employment that are separate from program completion, such as licences, certifications, or background checks.

No Disciplinary Cases: To be eligible for placements, completing the course satisfactorily without any disciplinary issues throughout and after the course is mandatory.

Clearance of Final Curriculum Assessment:

  1. Participants must complete and submit all assessment components specified in the program's curriculum. This may include assignments, projects, exams, or any other assessment methods relevant to the course.
  2. Participants must achieve a passing grade in the final curriculum assessment, as determined by the grading criteria established for the program.
  3. Participants are expected to maintain the highest academic honesty and integrity standards when completing assessments. Any form of plagiarism or cheating will result in disqualification.
  4. All assessment components must be submitted within the specified deadlines outlined in the program's guidelines. Late submissions may not be considered for grading without valid reasons and prior approval from program administrators.
  5. Any other criteria set by the curriculum team

Clearance of Final Placement Assessment:

  1. Placement assessment will be conducted only after successful clearance of curriculum assessment.
  2. Components of the assessment may include interviews, skills assessments, portfolio submissions, or any other assessments deemed relevant to the placement process. It will be communicated to the learner at the time of the process.
  3. 100% attendance is required in 1:1 mock interviews/resume reviews scheduled for the learner with the MasterCamp expert. If your plan changes for any reason, the team should be informed at least 24 hours before the scheduled time. For every missed mock session/resume review session (that you agreed on previously and yet did not attend), the learner will be barred for the next five placement drives.
  4. Ensuring complete information required to apply for opportunities and a well-prepared CV per the MasterCamp team's guidelines, which will include all mandatory information accurately without any errors or inaccuracies knowingly or unknowingly.
  5. Upon successfully clearing the final placement assessment, participants will receive confirmation of their readiness for placement or career opportunities.

Other Eligibility Guidelines:

Early Eligibility: Please note, based on the volume of recruitment mandates/companies coming for placements, MasterCamp may allow learners from specific domains/cohorts/academic scores/attendance to sit for placements earlier than the set Eligibility timelines.

  1. However, the learner is still expected to continue their academic journey in parallel and clear their academic and placement assessments as and when requested.
  2. The decision for early placement solely depends on the type and volume of opportunities coming, and the final decision will be taken by the MasterCamp team.

Eligibility Limit: You can apply for companies for up to six months once you become eligible to sit for placements post-completion of the course. This may be extended by special request.

First Offer Policy: MasterCamp follows a one-learner, one-job offer policy. So, it becomes mandatory for the learner to accept the first job offer. Upon receiving the first job offer, the learner will be automatically considered placed and removed from the list of learners awaiting job offers for future opportunities.

Active Applying: Once you become eligible for placements, you are expected to apply for at least 75% of the incoming open roles, irrespective of the location. Please note that MCT does not guarantee any specific organisation/location/role. If you do not apply for more than five continuous open positions, you will be deemed ineligible.

Special Interview Requirements: Please note that if the company demands so, the learner is expected to travel for in-person interviews once shortlisted by the company. Failure to appear for the interview will result in suspension from our placement process.

Historical Record: Based on historical data, generally, a cohort receives approximately 30 opportunities, not subjected to a particular location/category/role/CTC.

New Openings: It is the onus of the learner to keep track of the communications regarding new job opportunities.

Off-campus Offers: If a learner gets off-campus placement during the placement tenure and is not seeking further placement help, they must inform the institute within 48 hours of acceptance of the said offer.

Placement Debarredment

You are liable to be suspended/debarred from our Career Assistance and/or all or selected Placement Drives if you:

Behave unprofessionally with any potential employer.

Indulge in misconduct with MaterCamp staff, employees, or representatives.

Register for a placement drive and subsequently be absent from the process.

Accept an offer and reject/surrender it or fail to join.

Artificially sabotaging an interview.

Abort from the placement process abruptly.

Conceal information regarding the job/offer.

Communicate directly with companies participating in the placement drive.

Disobey any instructions issued by MasterCamp regarding the Placement Process.

Indulge in plagiarism during a program/Placement Drive.

Present false or misleading information to MasterCamp or the company.

Indulge in any criminal acts, wrongdoings or any acts or omissions

Spread or cause to spread disharmony, discontent, or anti-national sentiments.

Maligning the name and reputation of any master, the program, or the institute.

Employing unfair means during the tests conducted by any company as a part of the academic or placement process.

Endangering the selection process of other candidates by unfair means.

Soliciting the company officials for personal favours.

Recording the interview or any part of the recruitment process without permission.

Sharing the offer letter or details of their offer with any external party

Misrepresenting the nature or name of your course on any public platform like Linkedin.

If MasterCamp receives any notice against you from any government investigation body, court, or any other authority.

Concerns & Questions

In case of any further queries regarding eligibility/applicability of this Policy, do reach out to us via email at email@mastercamp.org. MasterCamp shall endeavour to respond to all reasonable concerns and inquiries.